About Our Vision

Women, regardless of socio-economic status or professional backgrounds may join to provide mutual support to generate and seize entrepreneurial, professional, and personal growth opportunities to empower themselves, their families, and their respective communities

Nuestra Vision

Mujeres, independientemente de su condición socioeconómica, o profesional, unidas para proporcionar apoyo mutuo, generar y captar oportunidades emprendedoras, profesionales, y crecimiento personal para empoderarse a sí mismas, sus familias y sus respectivas comunidades.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

ALMA-Soul believes and abides by the guiding values in our work, and in our interactions with each other including our affiliates, stakeholders, constituencies, and the communities we serve. Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Transparency, Innovation, Outstanding Services, and Flexibility.

Nuestra Mision


ALMA-Soul’s mission is developing professionalism, leadership and entrepreneurial skills for women to help achieve self-sufficiency and participation in broad civic discourse and community affairs.  This is to be accomplished through, but not limited to, education, training, workshops, peer-to-peer support, mentoring and networking opportunities in Metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts.

ALMA-Soul has demonstrated the need for such culturally infusion including gender and situational sensitive awareness programs and training for Latinas to be able to achieve economic stability.  


One of ALMA’s Affiliates, Carolina Nunez, owner of Gustazo Foods, keenly observes, “I joined ALMA because I believe they can provide not only the technical support I need but also the all-important spiritual support as well. Some of the more traditional business assistance organizations didn’t have a clue about what I was going through or about the cultural challenges I was facing. It feels very good to have a group of colleagues to bolster me when there are times things aren’t going so well, and to share the good news with when successes are made!”

The ALMA logo is a butterfly.  Metaphorically, the butterfly is the magnificent end result of transformation from humble and challenging beginnings.  ALMA-Soul works with women to achieve this transformation!

Thus, ALMA-Soul strives to continue rendering entrepreneurial training and leadership development assistance with the goal to ensure that Latina entrepreneurs will be prepared, trained and ready to take advantage of the tremendous business growth and development that is going on in the City of Boston and the State.  ALMA-Soul’s ongoing efforts and training will not only be beneficial to the Boston Latino communities but to the entire Metropolitan Boston area via increased tax revenues, less dependency on public services and increased participation in community and civic affairs.